Emergency Dentistry Best handles dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentistry Best handles dental Emergencies

Nov 01, 2021

Dental emergencies are problems involving the teeth and holding tissues needing treatment from relevant professionals. Whenever a dental emergency strikes, your first call should go out to your regular dental care provider. However, if they are unavailable or do not provide emergency services, there is no reason for you to worry because Rusholme family dentistry offers the services needed for patients of all ages regardless of the issue affecting them.

Dental issues can affect you in various forms, from facial injuries causing severe bleeding or leaving you with a knocked-out tooth. These instances need prompt attention from emergency dentistry in Downtown Toronto instead of any other facility offering emergency services. However, instead of concentrating on the emergency requirement, it helps to focus on the problem affecting your oral cavity and decide it is best to receive treatment from a qualified professional in the field rather than leave the issue for someone else to deal with.

Why Prefer Dentists over Medical Professionals to Deal with Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies are not similar to medical emergencies. Medical professionals offering emergency services are unqualified to deal with dental emergencies because they neither have the tools nor the experience to manage them. Emergency rooms are excellent if you encounter a medical problem like a broken hand or leg. However, if you have a knocked-out tooth that needs immediate emergency dental care, you must contact the relevant professional in the field with the qualifications and the tools to provide the treatment required and save your tooth if possible.

If you visit the dentist in Little Italy, with your knocked-out tooth maintained in moist condition, they will likely splint the tooth to the neighbouring teeth and allow the roots to reattach over the next three months. However you visit an emergency room with a similar situation, you will likely receive a recommendation to visit the nearest emergency dentist besides a substantial bill for services not provided. Therefore instead of wasting time thinking about an emergency, you must consider what the trouble is and contact relevant professionals in emergency dentistry who can provide the treatment you need to save your tooth.

Do All Dental Problems Need Emergency Dentistry?

It would be an error to say every dental problem needs help only from emergency dentists. Dental issues are confusing, and whenever they strike, confusion and anxiety overcome you to make you wonder whether you are dealing with a severe dental issue or a minor problem that can wait until you can see your regular dental care provider.

For example, if you have a painful cracked tooth with bleeding, you undoubtedly need help from an emergency dental clinic. A cracked tooth with bleeding is a surefire sign of a severe problem that needs treatment to close the crack and prevent bacteria from penetrating the tooth to create substantial damage. On the other hand, if you have a chipped tooth without bleeding but are concerned about your aesthetic appearance, you can consider emergency dental services if you are willing to pay higher prices for the treatment. However, you can also leave the problem alone for a couple of days until you can get to your regular dentist in Downtown Toronto to have the chipped tooth restored by them.

Many dental issues merely require urgent dental care from your regular dentist and not emergency dentists providing services beyond office hours, weekends, and holidays. Therefore it is helpful if you try to learn which dental emergencies need help from emergency dentists and which problems can wait for a couple of days until you schedule an appointment with your regular dentist.

How to Determine Whether a Dental Issue Is Severe or Minor?

Any dental problem causing excruciating pain, bleeding or indicating infections in your mouth needs help from a dental professional, either your regular dentist or professional providing emergency dentistry. You cannot consider visiting any other facility with broken or knocked-out teeth or dental abscesses, wasting time and money in the process because you receive no treatment besides advice to seek help from a dental professional.

If you intend to remain in control over dental emergencies, the optimal way is to keep in regular contact with your dentist and try to learn what dental emergencies are. Besides providing the information, you need your dental care provider also checks your mouth to determine whether you are prone to any dental issues. If they detect any problems, they create a customized treatment plan explicitly for you to ensure you can stay free from dental emergencies or at least realize who to contact if you develop one unexpectedly.

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