Dental Bridges in Downtown Toronto

Are missing teeth spoiling your smile and interfering with your ability to chew and speak? Our skilled dentist offers an extensive range of restorations to restore your smile and confidence. We provide customized crowns, fillings, partials, dentures and dental bridges near you.

What Happens When Lost Teeth Are Not Replaced

When missing teeth are not replaced at Rusholme Family Dentistry, subtle changes in the jaw and shape of the oral cavity force you to appear older. The chin slowly juts forward and assumes a pointed appearance. The lips become thin and flat, and pouches become more prominent on either side of the lips.

The patient may also experience a change in the bite as other teeth shift into the gap or take on the added strain of the missing tooth. Even a single missing tooth should not be ignored as it can cause serious problems if not replaced. The teeth in the opposite jaw lengthen and poke the gap left behind by the lost tooth.

It’s also harder to clean teeth that have drifted from their positions. If your tooth is lost due to decay, cavities, gum disease or trauma, please contact our dentist for tooth bridges or dental bridges in Downtown Toronto.

Dental Bridges Procedure at Rusholme Family Dentistry

A dental bridge is a personalized restoration containing one or more artificial teeth to complete your smile. The bridge is supported by what is known as ‘abutment teeth’ on each side of the space. Once you book an appointment for the initial consultation, Dr. Yousef Nezaminia will perform a detailed oral assessment after which we will prepare the teeth located adjacent to the gap.

Once we file down the tooth structure, we will place a temporary bridge to protect the prepared teeth from damage. During the second dental appointment, we will remove the temporary bridge and cement the permanent one in place. Dr. Yousef Nezaminia will check the dental bridge for fit and comfort and make adjustments as needed.

Patients should brush and floss under the dental bridge to prevent the formation of decay.

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