Get All Our Dental Services Now on Saturdays

Say cheese to weekend smiles!
Rusholme Family Dentistry is thrilled to announce our new Saturday services! Now, you can get your pearly whites checked, cleaned, and treated at your convenience. There is no need to rush around and rearrange your weekday routines; rather, you can relax, knowing that our skilled staff is here to take care of your smile whenever you need.

Our team is at your disposal, whether you’re looking for a routine check-up or have a sudden toothache. Schedule a weekend appointment with our Saturday dentist near you and keep your smile shining all week long!

Consult with a Dentist Open on Saturday

Finding time for dental appointments can be challenging with busy weekday schedules. But fear not! Rusholme Family Dentistry is here to save your smile on Saturdays. Our doors are open from 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M., and we are ready to cater to your dental needs.

Emergencies happen, and our weekend dentist is prepared to handle them quickly and precisely. Our skilled team provides prompt care to ease your discomfort, from toothaches to knocked-out teeth. Beyond emergencies, we offer various services on Saturdays, including dental fillings, Tooth Extraction, and more.

Our dental clinic is open on weekends, offering multiple services, from dental implants to crowns and fillings. Whether braces or a simple cleaning, we’ve got you covered. From children’s dentistry to cosmetic treatments like Botox, we always keep you ahead of our priorities.

Say goodbye to weekday stress and hello to weekend smiles! Give us a call at 647-358-6000 to schedule your consultation. Your oral health deserves attention, even on weekends!

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