Emergency Dentistry in Downtown Toronto

Dental problems related to teeth or gums don’t always arise during regular office hours. You may suffer from a blow, fall, or accident that can cause trauma to your teeth at any time of the day or during the weekend. Instead of waiting to see the dentist the next day, you can see our emergency dental care for immediate treatment. Rusholme Family Dentistry provides a range of preventive, restorative, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry.

Key Advantages of Seeing an Emergency Dentist

The emergency dentist near you may be able to save your tooth. The odds of losing the knocked out, or damaged tooth may be less if you see a dentist in time – especially if your tooth is very loose or has been knocked out entirely.

The problem may be worse than it appears. Many dental issues may be worse than they appear on the surface. Once you consult an emergency dental clinic, the dentist will examine the problem and suggest a further course of treatment. Our dentist near Little Italy will explain the extent of injuries and recommend suitable treatment options.

Reduced pain and discomfort. Tooth trauma, untreated infection, or abscesses can be harrowing and over-the-counter products may not always work well. Our dentist will treat you with treatment required to reduce pain as soon as possible.

Once the discomfort decreases, it becomes easier to deal with the situation. If you need emergency dentistry, please contact our dentist as soon as possible.

What Does Emergency Dentistry Involve?

Emergency dental clinic could involve different things depending on the nature of the case. For example, our dentist may:

  • Place dressing on the infected or traumatized area
  • Prescribe pain relief
  • Extract the tooth (if required)
  • Perform oral surgery in case of severe trauma

Please call Rusholme Family Dentistry today for emergency dental services.

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