Dentures in Downtown Toronto

Contrary to popular opinion, dentures is not meant only for older patients like parents or grandparents. Younger adults can also benefit from wearing dentures in Downtown Toronto, from Rusholme Family Dentistry.

In addition to dentures, our experienced dentist also provides implants, crowns, and bridges to replace lost teeth.

Who Can Wear Dentures?

Patients 25 years and older can get dentures to restore their smiles. Teeth are meant to last forever, but this is not always the case. Tooth loss may occur due to cavity formation, accidents, gum disease, or oral infection. At times, we may lose multiple teeth due to sudden trauma or impact.

Dentures are artificial teeth that can replace the upper or lower dental arch. Some patients may require a full-mouth restoration, which involves replacing all the teeth in the oral cavity. Dr. Yousef Nezaminia will evaluate your oral cavity and take accurate measurements to send to an offsite lab.

Modern Technology Dentures in Dufferin Grove, ON

Dentures are no longer bulky and uncomfortable restorations that are easily de-stabilized from chewing or speaking. They are now carefully customized and designed to fit inside your oral cavity while providing maximum stability and comfort. Thanks to more robust materials and advanced dental technology, dentures are much more aesthetic and durable than they used to be.

Rusholme Family Dentistry also offers implant-supported full and partial dentures near you that can be snapped onto orally inserted implants. Fixed dentures offer a superior degree of stability and durability. Our skilled dentist will check for gum and jawbone atrophy before placing implants.

It is easier to care for implant-supported dentures, and they are associated with fewer restrictions. Patients can brush and floss as usual.

Restore Your Full Smile with Dentures

We will discuss your goals and concerns during the consultation. Regardless of your age, Dr. Yousef Nezaminia has the skill, practice, and experience to place dentures correctly. We provide our patients with a set of full and partial dentures near you that fit properly, last a long time, and function well. A snugly fitted set of full and partial dentures can help you socialize, eat, and laugh with confidence.

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