Dental Implants in Downtown Toronto

One of the most long-lasting treatments to replace a missing tooth is a procedure known as a dental implant in Downtown Toronto. Our dentist near you, has performed the treatment on countless patients who seek natural-looking and durable tooth replacement options to improve not only the appearance of their smile but the functionality as well. Keep reading to learn how the team at Rusholme Family Dentistry can do the same for you too!

A Permanent Solution for Tooth Replacement Near You

Several tooth replacement treatments are available in modern dentistry, including dental bridges and full or partial dentures.

A dental implant procedure does indeed require more of a time commitment than other options, but the payoff is that once the procedure is done, you don’t have to be concerned about shaving adjacent teeth like in a bridge. Your dental implant from our Little Italy dentist, will perform like a natural tooth and look so much like a natural tooth that the only people who will know about it will be the ones that look at your dental x-rays!

Another benefit of a dental implant near you is that its placement will prevent your remaining teeth from shifting out of place. When this happens, it creates new spacing concerns for food to become uncomfortably trapped, which then leads to an increased risk of gum disease – and increased dental treatments down the road.

Instead of ever having to worry about that, why not book an appointment today with Rusholme Family Dentistry using our convenient online booking tool to learn more about dental implants, or other tooth replacement options we offer.

Gentle Dentistry in Tooth Replacement

Whether you decide on a dental implants from our family dentist, or any of the other ,missing teeth replacement options we offer, our promise to every patient is gentle dentistry in a comfortable and friendly environment. Book your appointment now to experience the Rusholme Family Dentistry difference in dental care.

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