Children’s Dentistry in Downtown Toronto

A child with great dental health will most likely grow to be an adult with no to few dental problems. Alternatively, a child that suffers from dental cavities at a young age is very likely to continue to have them as an adult. At Rusholme Family Dentistry, we put a lot of effort into the dental health of our patients with special attention to children.

We want all members of the family to get the dental care they deserve. At our dental clinic near Little Italy, we provide children’s dentistry near you.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a mineral that is almost always associated with dentistry. Fluoride treatments are procedures where we expose teeth to high concentrations of fluoride for a few minutes. These treatments are used to make teeth stronger and fight dental cavities. Fluoride treatments are painless and will only take a few minutes.

Dental Sealants

We can use composite resin to seal grooves found on the molars and premolars. Compared to adults, children are less likely to regularly and thoroughly brush their teeth. Bacteria can use these grooves to hide from the toothbrush. By sealing them with composite resin, we take away bacteria’s hiding spots and reduce the risk of dental caries.

Your child will need to come in regularly so we can apply sealants to newly erupting teeth. Repeated sealant application might be required as it fades away over time. These procedures are also painless and won’t disturb your child or affect their growth.

If your child is suffering from any dental problem, Book an appointment with our pediatric dentist. Call us today!

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