Dental Crowns Robust Restorations for Damaged or Weakened Teeth

Dental Crowns Robust Restorations for Damaged or Weakened Teeth

Oct 01, 2021

Have your teeth weakened due to decay, damages, or breakages? Are you looking for a mechanism to fix the damage to the weakened teeth to restore their functionality and that of your mouth? You have a couple of options before you to accomplish your goal. First, you can consider getting your teeth extracted and replacing them with dental implants covered by a dental crown in Downtown Toronto.


If you favor tooth extractions but want a complete restoration for the damaged and weak teeth, we have an alternative in a dental cap similar to dental crowns. At this stage, if we have confused you by mentioning multiple options, let us clarify what you can do in your peculiar situation.


The damaged or weak teeth aren’t improving by themselves unless you make an effort to provide the strength and durability they need to function appropriately in your mouth. For example, if you have a front tooth damaged due to any reason, the problem doesn’t let you cut foods comfortably, forcing you to use your molars to bite large chunks of food. However, if you decide to get a front tooth crown over your incisors, the situation changed dramatically because the dental crown strengthens your tooth and restores its functionality.


What Exactly Are Dental Crowns?


Your teeth sustain damages over time for various reasons such as tooth decay, injuries, or overuse. As a result, your teeth lose their shape and size, making it inevitable for you to consider restoring them. While you can ponder the kind of restoration, you can have, getting teeth caps is one option you mustn’t overlook.


Tooth-shaped caps developed to fit snugly over a damaged or weakened tooth are called dental crowns. These restorations help restore a tooth’s shape, appearance, strength, and size. Dental crowns are adequate and robust restorations for weakened teeth because they encase the entire visible portion of the tooth.


Do You Want to Understand When Dental Crowns Are Useful?


Dental crowns in Downtown Toronto, help cover various dental imperfections affecting you. These tooth caps give you a complete restoration that will remain with you for over a decade with proper dental hygiene. However, before you decide on the type of restoration you want to have over your tooth, it would help if you realized how dental crowns are beneficial for everyone.


Dental crowns help protect a weak tooth from breaking or support keeping the tooth together if it is already affected by extensive damage.

Dental crowns are helpful to restore a broken or severely worn tooth.

In addition, they are beneficial to cover cosmetic concerns with your teeth discolored due to infections.


Besides, the above dental crowns also help restore a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment or cover dental implants and function as dental bridges if you must replace missing teeth in your mouth.


What Helps Make Dental Crowns?


Various materials like metals, porcelain fused to metal, all-ceramic or all-porcelain, all resin help make the crowns you desire to restore the strength and functionality of your teeth. You can choose between traditional dental crowns requiring multiple dental visits to the dentist in Little Italy, to get your teeth prepared for the dental crown, have temporary crowns over your teeth for about three weeks and after that, get your permanent restorations bonded to your tooth.


On the other hand, if you don’t want to waste time and money on multiple dental visits and prefer an instant solution, visit Rusholme family dentistry to acquire an advanced version of dental crowns created using CEREC technology on a computer to have your teeth restored in a couple of hours.


Many people currently prefer same-day crowns because it eliminates multiple dental visits and the hassle of wearing temporary crowns over your prepared teeth when getting your teeth restored from the dental office. Instead, you walk in with your damaged teeth and walk out after a couple of hours with the damages remaining in the dental office to leave you smiling. However, the dentist determines which option best suits your specific situation because same-day crowns are unsuitable in some instances.


When you visit a dentist in Downtown Toronto of your choice to have your teeth restored, prepare yourself for happiness and disappointment. The dentist must examine your tooth to determine the extent of the damage or decay before recommending any particular variety for the restoration. If you have extensive injuries or your tooth has weakened to make it prone to breakages and fractures, the dentist recommends a metal crown to restore its shape and functionality. If you want a front tooth covered with a dental cap, rest assured the dentist provides you a tooth-colored crown remaining virtually indistinguishable in your mouth as an alternative.


If you need dental restorations, the optimal option for you is to visit Rusholme family dentistry to determine the kind of damages affecting your teeth and adhere to the dentist’s recommendation providing you the optimal mechanism for the restoration and benefit from the same.

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