When Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Necessary?

When Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Necessary?

May 01, 2022

Wisdom teeth your third molars in the posterior region of your mouth may not require removal if they are healthy, fully erupted, positioned correctly and biting properly with the opposite teeth and not posing challenges in your daily dental hygiene practices.

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth often don’t have sufficient room to grow correctly. As a result, emerging wisdom teeth can erupt at various angles, including horizontally. The wisdom tooth might even remain entirely hidden within the gums to stay impacted in your jaw. The impacted wisdom teeth can cause a cyst damaging other teeth roots and bone support.

Wisdom teeth can emerge partially through the gums in many cases. The posterior region of your mouth is challenging to clean and see, making partially emerged wisdom teeth a breeding ground for bacteria to cause gum disease and oral infections.

When wisdom teeth don’t have sufficient room to emerge, they can crowd or damage the neighbouring teeth.

In these circumstances, many dentists recommend wisdom teeth removal that hasn’t emerged fully.

When Do Dentists Recommend Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

Wisdom teeth generally appear between 17 and 25, and dentists usually recommend problematic wisdom tooth extraction during the teenage years when patients can recover faster from the surgical process.

The recommendation for earlier wisdom tooth removal is because the roots and bone are not fully developed, making a recovery faster after surgery. It is why many adults prefer having their wisdom teeth pulled before confronting any problems.

Is It Necessary to Remove the Third Molars?

Experts in dentistry believe removing wisdom teeth becomes necessary if you experience changes in the back of your mouth to confront issues like pain, repeated infections of the soft tissue behind the lower last tooth, fluid-filled sacs or cysts, tumours, damage to neighbouring teeth, gum disease, and excessive tooth decay.

Tooth extraction near you, don’t recommend extraction of wisdom teeth unless you confront the problems described merely because the third molars have erupted in your mouth. Unfortunately, if you are experiencing repeated infections making you a victim of gum disease or other dental conditions impacting your overall health, the professionals recommend wisdom tooth removal as an option to prevent unnecessary complications.

The decision to have wisdom teeth removed isn’t a clear-cut choice. Therefore you must discuss and health of your wisdom teeth with your dentist in Downtown Toronto or oral surgeon to determine what’s best for your specific situation.

Can You Refuse to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The choice of removing or keeping your wisdom teeth is entirely yours because dentists or oral surgeons will not perform any surgical process without your consent. If you wish to keep a perfectly emerged wisdom tooth in your mouth to avoid undergoing a surgical procedure, you can undoubtedly proceed with your plan. However, it helps if you understand you confront challenges cleaning around the wisdom tooth and might have an ongoing battle with gum disease and tooth decay needing frequent treatments from dentists. Therefore if you prepare yourself to confront the challenges wisdom teeth can pose, you can have them in your mouth for as long as you wish.

If you decide to postpone or delay the removal of wisdom teeth, you must see your dentist whenever you begin experiencing any changes in your teeth with symptoms described earlier. Your dentist in Downtown Toronto can determine the precise position of your wisdom teeth by taking x-rays and performing exams to ensure you are not in line to confront severe problems. Unfortunately, if your decision to keep your wisdom teeth has created a complicated situation, you might require immediate surgery for the removal of the problematic teeth at the back of your mouth.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Erupt If a Human Jaw Has No Room in It?

The human jaw wasn’t as tiny as it currently is earlier when our ancestors lived on a diet of raw vegetables and meat. They needed extra teeth in their mouths to support their diet. However, evolution has ensured changes in the size of the human jaw, with the wisdom teeth having less space to develop than before. Changes in our diet no longer make the extra teeth necessary in the mouth and also create dental and overall health complications when the third molars are allowed to remain in the mouth.

Considering multiple complications, wisdom teeth can create a common perception has emerged among people that wisdom teeth are best removed whenever they appear. Fortunately, dentists consider various factors before recommending tooth extractions regardless of their position. Dentists are saviours of every tooth and make efforts to succeed in their objective. However, if your third molars are problematic, dentist in Little Italy put your oral health over them to recommend extracting them to avoid unnecessary complications.

If you have newly emerged wisdom teeth in your mouth and think you are in line for wisdom teeth surgery, kindly consider visiting Rusholme Family Dentistry before deciding on whether to have them removed or not. The dental facility provides you with an accurate view after considering your oral health and positioning of the wisdom teeth.

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