Knowing You Have Dental Pain and Avoiding Emergency Dentistry Is an Error You Mustn’t Commit

Knowing You Have Dental Pain and Avoiding Emergency Dentistry Is an Error You Mustn’t Commit

Nov 01, 2020

It is not a challenge to recognize a dental emergency because you are undoubtedly in pain either from an injury, infection, or merely a bite. You may have lost a filling, crown, or veneer, bringing your life to a screeching halt because of the mishap in your mouth. Now that you are affected by a dental emergency, would you commit the error of not visiting urgent dental care near you right away?

The Little Italy dentist is experienced in managing all sorts of emergencies specializing in situations that are difficult or complicated. Ignoring assistance from the emergency dental clinic available at arm’s distance should not be your aim if you wish to turn your dental emergency into a beautiful, healthy, and natural smile.

What Kind of Emergencies Does the Dentist Treat?

The Toronto dentist has a full-service dental office offering various types of dental services. Suppose you have an emergency of some kind. In that case, you can rest assured the treatment at emergency dentistry in Downtown Toronto, will result in comprehensive restoration or improvement of your smile. Some of the situations that deserve help for dental emergencies from the Toronto dentist include:

Broken or Fractured Teeth

Your teeth may become injured in many ways, either from a facial injury or biting down on something hard. Infections in your mouth can also result in the weakening of your tooth, causing it to crack from regular chewing. Chips and cracks may not seem challenging, but severe fractures undoubtedly need treatment from an emergency dental clinic.

If you have a badly broken tooth, it leaves you with exposed nerves and blood supply. The situation is painful because your tooth is bleeding. When you are in pain and affected by bleeding, you must call the emergency dental clinic right way to have the Toronto dentist examine the tooth and provide the treatment required.

Split Tooth

If you have a split tooth, the damages are often to the root of the tooth, which is not visible. A split tooth causes a high risk of infection and is quite painful. If additional damage or loss to the surrounding teeth and tissues must be prevented, extraction of the split tooth is necessary. However, depending on how concerning your situation is, the Toronto dentist may rescue your tooth with a dental crown. A split tooth requires treatment from emergency dental care near you in Dufferin Grove, Little Italy, Downtown Toronto, Bickford Park, as soon as possible.

Dental Abscesses

Dental abscesses are painful swellings around the gums or in the tooth pulp. Dental abscesses require emergency dental care because it is a severe issue or infection in your mouth. The pimple acts as your body’s defense against infections attempting to keep the problem localized with pus in one area. When left untreated, the dental abscess can burst to allow the infection to spread. Dental abscesses in the tooth’s pulp are extremely dangerous because it can kill the tooth. The pain from a dental abscess can affect you suddenly, making your entire mouth painful rather than just the infected tooth. If you suspect you have an abscess, you should immediately call the Toronto dentist for a same-day appointment because early treatment can prevent the need for the extraction and spread of the infection.

Whenever you are in pain in the oral cavity, either to your dental cavity or the soft tissue causing wounds, cuts, or lacerations to your cheeks, gums, and lips, you must aim to contact an emergency dentist for treatment immediately. Leaving impacts your tooth unattended can invite unwanted infections in your mouth, resulting in considerable damages.

Allowing infections to fester around without treating them promptly is another reason why dental emergencies occur when least expected. A cavity in your tooth could progress into a severe infection requiring root canal treatment or extraction. A dental abscess can assume life-threatening proportions to put you at risk of various extreme conditions like cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory disease, and diabetes.

Preventing the issues described is not challenging because you merely need to maintain excellent oral hygiene and visit your dentist for twice-yearly exams and cleanings. Dentists identify when a minor issue can aggravate a dental emergency to provide you with a treatment plan to prevent an unexpected problem. Now that you know what you should do when affected by a dental emergency or before it strikes, would you be more prepared to manage dental emergencies quickly and easily without stress?

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