Dental Bridges Perfect Solutions to Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Bridges Perfect Solutions to Replace Missing Teeth

Dec 01, 2022

Although your teeth are expected to last for a lifetime, you might confront permanent tooth loss to, injuries, infection, or extraction. Tooth loss appears inconsequential at face value but severely affects your aesthetic, oral, and overall health.

When you lose a couple or more teeth, consequently, getting missing teeth replacement solutions becomes an overbearing need. Your situation might confuse you to wonder which option suits your needs appropriately. For example, you might want natural-looking, and functioning artificial teeth that you think are no longer possible. However, your dentist might prove your thoughts wrong by recommending dental bridges in Downtown Toronto as the perfect solution to close gaps between your teeth and restore mouth functionality.

Why Must You Consider Dental Bridges Instead of Other Options?

The reasons to consider dental bridges over other options are many. If you want a speedy conclusion to your missing tooth problem without several visits to dentists and prosthodontists, dental bridges are excellent options because you can have them fill the gaps between your teeth in two visits to your Little Italy dentist.

Please do not consider dental bridges as store-bought appliances that you place over the edentulous sockets because dental bridges are custom created explicitly for you after preparing your teeth from a dental laboratory. Depending on the tooth loss location, you can have Bridges made from metals, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, et cetera.

Why Consider Replacing Missing Teeth?

If you think tooth loss doesn’t affect your oral or general health, please consider the following:

  • Tooth loss primarily affects your aesthetic appearance making it challenging for you to smile before everyone.
  • The vacant gaps between your teeth become breeding grounds for food particles and bacteria to create dental infections that need frequent treatments from dentists.
  • You might find it difficult to bite and chew foods, making you a victim of indigestion because you tend to swallow large chunks without chewing them.
  • Your teeth become crowded or misshapen as they move towards the empty gaps and require expensive orthodontic treatment if you neglect to close the gaps with tooth Bridges available from dentists.

If you want to avoid all the above, you will find it beneficial to discuss dental bridges with the dentist in Downtown Toronto nearby to determine which dental bridge suits your needs the best.

Kinds of Dental Bridges

When you consider dental bridges, you confront another challenge because dental bridges near you, offer four different types of therapeutic solutions as bridges. You may find it challenging to determine which dental bridge suits you best unless you discuss your situation with the provider and select an option they suggest as perfect for your missing teeth.

You can select between the following four kinds to close the gap in your smile from tooth loss:

  • Traditional Fixed Bridges: this variety is popular because it has two or more dental crowns and a Pontic (fake tooth) connected to function as your artificial tooth. The crowns help keep the bridge in place because they are bonded between them.
  • Cantilever Bridge: if you have merely one tooth beside the vacant gap, the dentist recommends you have a cantilever bridge needing one dental crown and a Pontic attached to it.
  • Maryland Bridge: unfortunately, if you have lost your front teeth, dentists offer you a Maryland Bridge made from porcelain and supported by a framework of wings or clasps that bond to the adjacent teeth next to the edentulous gap.
  • If you desire a permanent solution to the situation, you confront dentists offer you implant-supported bridges needing surgery and plenty of recovery time before you can receive artificial teeth over them.

After explaining every variety, the dentist examines your mouth to determine which solution is ideal for your situation.

The Dental Bridge Procedure

The dental bridge procedure entails two visits to the Downtown Toronto provider to get your teeth restructured to accommodate the dental crowns to function as abutments for the Pontic and getting them customized from a dental laboratory but receiving temporary acrylic bridges immediately after tooth preparation to protect your natural teeth. The procedure causes some discomfort which the dentist in Downtown Toronto helps you manage by providing local anesthesia.

You must endure the temporary bridges in your mouth for approximately three weeks when the dental laboratory returns your customized bridges. You can revisit the Downtown Toronto provider to have your tooth replacement solution, which they complete after removing the temporary placements and checking the colour and fit of your permanent restorations. If all things are acceptable, the two crowns holding the Pontic are bonded to your prepared teeth to function as the dental bridge you desperately desire.

You can leave the dentist’s office confident with the knowledge that you have managed the problems with tooth loss for approximately 15 years if you care for the dental bridge appropriately as suggested by the provider and receive regular dental checkups to monitor the safety of the restoration and your dental health.

Rusholme Family Dentistry provides excellent solutions to replace missing teeth in Downtown Toronto with dental bridges. If you are confronting tooth loss and searching for a durable restorative solution for them, consulting this practice helps you get natural-looking dental bridges in a couple of visits. Why not schedule your appointment with them today to consult about dental bridges?

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